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Join us in the fight for economic justice and an end to global poverty.

About the World Development Movement

WDM campaigns against the root causes of poverty and inequality. We are a democratically-governed movement made up of local campaign groups based in towns and cities around the UK. Our staff in London and Edinburgh co-ordinate hard-hitting campaigns that challenge the powerful and seek to bring about economic justice for the world’s poor majority.

Global poverty is not inevitable. It’s a result of government policies, economic structures and corporate behaviour. As global citizens, we take seriously our responsibility to try and change the structures and policies which keep people poor – starting with those of our own government and British companies.

We’re politically and financially independent. The majority of our funding comes from thousands of individual members and supporters. That means we’re able to shine a light into dark corners and speak up for the marginalised when others find it uncomfortable to do so.

It’s central to our work that we act in solidarity with activists, civil society organisations and social movements in the global south. We have a history of campaigning with them on a range of issues, from opposing water privatisation to demanding a just solution to the climate crisis. We put pressure on decision-makers, organise public opposition to harmful policies, and produce robust research which shows there are alternatives to corporate-led globalisation.

Whether it’s winning votes for women and those without property or the end of Apartheid in South Africa, we know that change can happen. And we know that hundreds of thousands of people in the UK share our vision of a fairer world. WDM is made up of such people – ordinary folk who’ve taken a stand against injustice. If you believe that people should come before profit, why not join us?

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