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Live blog: Protest in London against RBS' involvement in tar sands extraction

By Pontus Westerberg, 28 April 2010

Pontus Westerberg, WDM's web officer is outside the RBS branch on Threadneedle Street following what is going on and keeping you updated throughout the morning. 

11.57 Back at the WDM office, uploading more pictures and news stories.  I will be linking to them from here during the day. The first photo of activists and the tar sands digger is on Flickr now.

10.21 Outside the Treasury, WDM and People and Planet handing in thousands of statements by the public demanding that the government intervene in RBS' investments in dirty and destructive projects such as tar sands.

09.35 More chanting from the protestors. 'RBS, get your hands out of tar sands!'

09.31 Protestors gather in the street outside the RBS branch. The digger is about to come around again.

09.19 Two of the protestors get on the digger.

get our money ot of tar sands


09.06 More chanting from the protestors. The digger is going around the block but will be coming back in a few minutes.

09.00 The 'tar sands digger' has arrived - photos all around.

08.57 The protestors are now chanting: 'RBS-Natwest, our future's in your hands, RBS-Natwest, out of tar sands!'

08.48 Protesters are now outside the RBS branch on Threadneedle Street. The digger will be appearing shortly.

08.40 Just seen this article in the Independent: Diggers dawn as tar sands protesters target RBS meeting

08.38 The group is growing. Lots of plackards, bicycles and leaflets.

08.31 A friendly security guard has come over for a chat and has been given a 'Stop your money sponsoring RBS 'blood oil' investments' leaflet.

08.24 People are starting to gather outside the Royal Exchange. Rumours abound that a big JCB will be appearing - symbolising the diggers that are used in the extremely energy-intensive and damaging process of extracting oil from tar sands.

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